The Vilamoura Golf Club was formed in 1969 when the first Vilamoura golf course was opened. Although the club's history in the early years is almost non-existent, it is known that there were prestigious people from the Vilamoura golf course among its founders, such as João Sobral Meireles, João António Côrte-Real, Nobre da Costa and José de Sousa e Melo.

For many years the club was no more than a set of well-known names in Portuguese and foreign political, business, and social life with gaming privileges in Vilamoura. It was just another way for Lusotur to conduct its public relations and not a club itself, which held regular activities and sporting events.

At the same time, there was a golf society in Vilamoura, led by David Green, the director of the golf course at that time. It was almost impossible to be admitted as a member, the "golf society" was practically a British fiefdom, not solving the problems of golfers, especially of the Portuguese who wanted to play golf or begin the sport.

It was not until 13 June 1985, that the Club began as we know it today. It was in that year, with the amendment of the statutes, that the Club began its real activity, starting to organise regular internal competitions and to develop a policy of openness, both in the acceptance of new members and in the participation in tournaments of the official calendar, the Portuguese Golf Federation.

Until 1990, the year in which the first elections were held, the Club was managed by an Installing Commission consisting of Júlio Baptista Coelho, José da Cunha Motta and David Green.





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