Summer Programme

Dear parents and students,

Vilamoura Golf Club announces that it will start the Summer School next week.

The only two Dom Pedro golf courses open at the moment, Pinhal and The Old Course, will be in operation at 100% of their schedule as August 1st, allowing us to organize the Summer School in a different way than usual, due to the restrictions that we still have to have due to the pandemic.

Each day of the week will be assigned to a Group duly identified in the calendar below.

As the restriction of 5 students per coach is still in effect, each coach will call 5 students at time for technical instructions, the others await their turn training individually in other training spaces, maintaining the social security spacing, until the trained to call you. Only for the White Group (beginner and younger), we will maintain as usual one hour of lesson, keeping the lesson from 9am to 10am and another lesson from 10am to 11am.


    The Summer School in 2020 is exclusively to students at the Vilamoura Golf Club School;

    - The groups and coaches remain the same;

    - Lessins are at Pinhal, except for the Black Group;

    - Mandatory use of mask inside the club house and WC;

    - Do not touch the sports equipment of colleagues;

    - Use your equipment;

    - The trainer disinfects the equipment of the club before and during the class, for the youngest who do not yet have their own equipment;

    - Do not touch the greens' flags;

    - Mark your own card;

    - Maintain mandatory social distance.

The reopening of Dom Pedro Millenium is scheduled for September and we intend to do the following:

    - August - Summer School

    - September - Beginning of the Golf School (month of compensation) - Lessons on Saturdays at Dom Pedro Pinhal and Millenium. Schedules will be announced soon.

Here follows the calendar:


calend esc ver 2020


Vilamoura Golf Club