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It is permitted the practice of physical activity outdoors, in groups of up to four people

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Decree nº 6/2021, of 3th April, regulates, for the continental national territory, and for the period between 5th and 15th April, the renewal of the state of emergency effected by the Decree of the President of the Republic nº 31-A / 2021, of 25th March.

The provisions of article 41 stand out from this Decree:

"Article 41

Physical and sports activity

1 - It is permitted, provided that in compliance with the specific guidelines of the DGS:

a) The practice of all professional and equivalent training and competitive activities, provided that there is no public;

b) The practice of all training and competitive activities, provided that there is no public, of low-risk sports described in the relevant DGS guidelines;

c) The practice of physical activity outdoors, in groups of up to four people;

d) The practice of physical and sports activities in gyms and gyms, being prohibited the accomplishment of group classes and sports of medium and high risk according to the guidelines of the DGS.

2 - For the purposes of this decree, the activities of high-performance athletes, of national teams of the Olympic and Paralympic modalities, of the 1st national division or of competition of a corresponding competitive level of all modalities of the echelon groups are treated as professional activities male and female seniors, those who participate in international championships the activity of accompanying these athletes in adapted sports, as well as the respective technical and refereeing teams.

3 - Sports facilities in operation are governed by the provisions of paragraph 4 of article 17, with the necessary adaptations. ”

The practice of golf training and competitive activities falls under paragraph b) of paragraph 1 of the referred article 41, and therefore the following guidelines from the Directorate-General for Health should be considered: Guideline 036/2020, of 25.08.2020; Guideline 030/2020, of 29.05.2020; and Guideline 014/2020, of March 21, 2020, in the respective current wording.

Finally, we advise you to consult the website of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth -, where a COVID-19 Checklist, based on the Guidance, is published 036/2020, in its current wording, which will support clubs, managers of sports facilities and promoters of sporting events, in verifying the fulfillment of the requirements for the resumption of safe sports practice.

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