Tomás Silva, professional was winner and Ricardo Melo Gouveia, ex-student of Golf School, was 2nd

The best amateur result from Vilamoura was Isabel Laulhe in 13º. position at Montado

2nd Tournament of the FPG Circuit
It took place on the 24th and 25th of April 2021 in the Montado field, in Palmela

Ricardo Melo Gouveia, professional golfer and former student of the Golf School, with 138 strokes (72 + 66) was in 2nd place in the 2nd. Tournament of the FPG Circuit that took place in the Montado Golf Resort course. Tomás Silva, equally professional, ranked 1st. place with 137 strokes (70 + 67). Vasco Alves, from the Oporto club, was the best amateur with 138 strokes (70 + 68).

In 4th place was Nathan Brader, a professional and also a former student of the Golf School with 139 strokes (69 + 70) having been in 8th, the professional Hugo Santos, also a former student and nowadays a teacher at the Golf School, who made 146 strokes (76 + 70).

The best amateur result in Vilamoura was Isabel Laulhe's 13th. 148 strokes (76 + 72), followed by Alexander Amey, 17th. with 149 strokes (76 + 73).

Lucas Azinheiro came in 25th. with 151 strokes (75 + 76) and Renato Serpa in 26th. with 152 strokes (78 + 74).

Luca Lopes reached 41st. position with 156 strokes (76 + 80) and Ignacio Laulhe stayed in the same place with also 156 strokes (78 + 78).

Ricardo Freire da Costa was 54th. place with 159 strokes (79 + 80) with Rodrigo Andrade coming in 57th. with 160 strokes (73 + 87).

João Crasi Alves came in 60th. with 161 strokes (80 + 81) and Henrique Rebelo ended up tied in the same position (81 + 80) as David Rocha Martins (83 + 78).

70th. was Francisco Oliveira, a professional and also a former student at the Golf School, that made 162 strokes (83 + 79).

Gustavo Monteiro finished 79th. with 164 strokes (81 + 83).

The professional and former student of the Golf School, Tomás Carlota was in 101st. with 171 strokes (86 + 85)

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