Lucas Azinheiro was 2nd at 2nd Cashback Tournament at Estela

Days 6th and 7th April at Póvoa do Varzim

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Lucas Azinheiro was 2nd place, tied with João Maria Pontes of Miramar, in the 2nd Tournament of the Circuit Cashback World that took place April 6th and 7th, at the Estela course in Póvoa do Varzim. The winner was Daniel Rodrigues, of Miramar with 146 strokes (73 + 73)

The bad weather was a constant in this tournament causing delays due to interruptions because the strong wind accompanied with rain. Despite these conditions, Lucas Azinheiro made 150 strokes (76 + 74), the same number reached by João Maria Pontes of Miramar, finishing both in 2nd place.

In 8th place finished Gustavo Monteiro with 165 strokes (81 + 84) in the same classification as Jamie Mann (84 + 81). With another stroke, 166 (88 + 78) was Tomas Mician in 12th place.

In 18th place Bruno Vicente made 169 strokes (84 + 85) and in 23rd ended with an equal number of strokes Alexander Amey (82 + 89) and Gonçalo Teodoro (83 + 88) with 171 strokes.

Miguel Krowicki was 26th with 172 strokes (88 + 84) and in 30th was David Rocha Martins with 174 strokes (88 + 86). With just one more stroke finished in 34th, Luca Lopes with 175 strokes (87 + 88).

In 58th place, Ricardo Serpa finished with 206 strokes (103 + 103)

In the Ladies, the winner was Sofia Sá, from Quinta do Perú with 160 strokes (76 + 84)


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