3rd Drive Tour Tournament - 20 and 21 May - Ribagolfe Oaks

The young players reached two second places in Under12 and Under14 and a third position in Under16.

drive tour 21maio2023

Players from Vilamoura training at Ribagolfe Oaks with coach Hugo Santos - Photo: FPG

Rodrigo Sousa Correia was 2nd in the Under12 with 162 strokes (79-83) being the victory of Ethan Orton, from Vila Sol with 149 strokes. Salvador Ivo de Carvalho made 175 strokes (88-87) and was ranked 8th. Tomás Lima Pinto followed with 193 strokes (91-102) which reached 22nd. place.

rodrigo sousa correia

Rodrigo Sousa Correia - 2nd Under12

Martim Pinto Johansen ranked 2nd in the Under14 with 155 strokes (80-75). In 1st. was Guilherme Moreira, from Oporto with 151 strokes. In 9th. was Brooks Barker with 167 strokes (86-81).

martim pinto johansen

Martim Pinto Johansen - 2nd Under14

In the Under16, João Maria Ivo de Carvalho was in the 3rd. position with 148 strokes (71-73). Bernardo Martins, from Santo Estevão, won with 143 strokes. João Crasi Alves was in 6th with 151 strokes (75+76) followed by Dinis Rebelo, in 13th. with 159 strokes (77-82).

joao ivo carvalho

João Ivo de Carvalho - 3rd Under16

In Under18, Alexander Amey made 150 strokes (75+75) having reached the 4th. position. The victory went to Miguel Silveira, from Miramar, with 144 strokes. Tiago Abrantes with 153 strokes (77-76) was 9th place.

In the new Under24 modality, Ricardo Serpa came in 12th. With 158 strokes (76+82) with the victory going to João Pereira, from Aroeira with 137 strokes.

You can see more information at: https://portal.fpg.pt/noticias/ribagolfe-apurou-campeoes-no-terceiro-torneio-do-drive-tour/



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