5th Cashback World Tournament

Played at Quinta do Perú, at Azeitão 

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Rodrigo Andrade was ranked 5th with 146 strokes (77 + 69) in the tournament that took place at Quinta do Perú, at Azeitão on 16th and 17th November. The winner was Pedro Lencart Silva, from Miramar with 139 strokes (69 + 70) and in the Ladies was Leonor Medeiros, from Quinta do Perú with 145 strokes (70 + 75).

In 8th place was Tomas Mician with 147 strokes (74 + 73) and 15th was Bruno Vicente with 155 strokes (79 + 76).

In 20th place, Oscar Amado de Carvalho made 158 strokes (80 + 78) and 24th was Ricardo Serpa with 160 strokes (79 + 81).

Gustavo Monteiro came in 27th with 164 strokes (82 + 82) and Guilherme Esteves with 167 strokes (84 + 83) took 29th place having tied with teammate Luca Lopes who did the same number of total strokes (84+ 83).

To finish was Henrique Rebelo in 39th position with 178 strokes (93 + 85).

This tournament was the last to count for the National Ranking - BPI, as well as the final Gold rankings for stroke play games and Silver for Cashback World Circuit net games.

In the National Ranking - BPI the winner was Daniel Rodrigues from Miramar and the winner was Sofia Sá from Quinta do Perú.
In the Gold Ranking of the Cashback World Circuit the winner was Alberto Costa Marques, from Miramar and in Ladies was Leonor Medeiros from Quinta do Perú, for the second consecutive time.