2024 and 2023 Monthly Competition Winners

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                                                Winners 2024 

 Monthly Competition     
Date: 18th May    
Camp: Pinhal    
1st Place - Elvira Gama    
2nd Place - Idalécio João    
3rd Place - Nick Hogan    
 Monthly Competition   Monthly Competition    Monthly Competition   
Date: 17th February  Date: 09th March Date: 06th April 
Camp: Pinhal Camp: Laguna  Camp: Laguna 
1st Place - Horácio Ribeiro  1st Place - Elvira Gama  1st Place - Ellenor Dunbar
2nd Place - Noor Thorup  2nd Place - Nick Hogan 2nd Place - Paul Ramshaw
3rd Place - Manuela Van Dijk   3rd Place - João J. da Silva
 Monthly Competition   Monthly Competition    Monthly Competition   
 Date: 13th January  Date: 27th January   Date: 03rd February
Camp: Laguna Camp: Millennium  Camp: Laguna
1st Place - Paulo Custódio 1st Place - Manuela Van Dijk 1st Place - Gunnar Bergquist 
2nd Place - Marc Angebault 

2nd Place - Gunnar Bergquist

2nd Place - Arminda Von Kaenel 
3rd Place - Miguel Neto 3rd Place - Ron Gilmore 3rd Place - Isabel Mendes


                                                Winners 2023


Monthly Competition      
Date: 18th November    
Camp: Laguna    
1st Place - Graham Haffenden    
2nd Place - Sabrina Crisóstomoi    
3rd Place - Noor Thorup    
Monthly Competition   Monthly Competition    Texas Scramble Competition    
Date: 23rd September Date: 28th October  Date: 03rd June 
Camp: Pinhal  Camp: Pinhal  Camp: Pinhal
1st Place - Noor Thorup 1st Place - Ricardo Magrinho 1st Place - Vittorio Amici/Rocco Olgiati 
2nd Place - Irina Bassarguine 2nd Place - David Whalley 2nd Place - Terry Gruchy/Ernie Johnston 
3rd Place - Graham Haffenden 3rd Place - Louise Graham  3rd Place - Per Nilsson/Carin Nilsson
Pair Competition-Greensomes Monthly Competition   Monthly Competition 
Date: 05th August Date. 26th August Date: 02nd September
Camp: Pinhal  Camp: Millennium  Camp: Millennium
1st Team - Gunnar Bergquist / Paul Claffey 1st Place - Rita Melo 1st Place - Ricardo Magrinho
2nd Team - Clarisse Delaubert / Emmanuel Delaubert 2nd Place - João Félix Mendes 2nd Place - Noor Thorup
3rd Team - Courault Serge | Gosset Sylvie 3rd Place -  Tiago Marques 3rd Place -  Sabine Ruhle
 Monthly Competition Monthly Competition  Monthly Competition 
 Date: 08th July  Date: 01st July Date: 27th May
Camp: Millennium   Camp: Pinhal Camp: Pinhal
 1st Place - Clarisse Delaubert
 1st Place - Idalécio João 1st Place - Vittorio de Amici
 2nd Place -
Nestor Gallardo
2nd Place - Vittorio de Amici 2nd Place - Adriano Lage
 3rd Place -
Noor Thorup
3rd Place - Jorge M. Batista 3rd Place -Terry de Gruchy




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