3rd Tournament Circuit Cashback World

08th & 09th June 2019 at Oporto Golf Course

geral en 3cashback oporto

Tomás Mician was in 8th place in the 3rd Tournament of the Circuit Cashback World that was played in the camp Oporto, on 08th and 09th June. The winner was Pedro Lencart Silva, from Miramar and in ladies was Leonor Medeiros, from Quinta do Perú.

The player from Vilamoura, Tomás Mician made 218 strokes (71 + 74 + 73) while winner Pedro Lencart Silva scored 207 (74 + 67 + 66). Leonor Medeiros made 227 strokes (75 + 78 + 74).

George Nicholas Ounstead was 19th with 229 strokes (73 + 80 + 76) and Ricardo Serpa was 21th with 234 strokes (72 + 80 + 82). In total only these three players from Vilamoura managed to qualify to play the 3 laps.

Almost to get in was Lucas Azinheiro followed by the following players who also played only two laps. David Rocha Martins, Jamie Mann, Gustavo Monteiro, Oscar Amado de Carvalho, Miguel Krowicki, Bruno Vicente and Henrique Rebelo.

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